CSF South: Supporting Regional Fellows to Unfold their National Projects

Thursday 13 oct 2016

The CSFS strongly believes that sustainable development in the Southern Mediterranean (SM) cannot be adequately addressed without including the young people.
SM youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow, in many cases they are also highly engaged today with the current issues facing their communities and countries. In order to support the youth-led CSOs, the CSFS is supporting its Regional Fellows 2016 Programme, to also roll-out national projects within their local committees to deal with those challenges and as part of their “training on action” within the context of the Regional Fellows Programme.

The regional fellows and their CSOs from the ENPI are starting and with the CSFS technical team's support with these projects:

1/ Local capacity Development Workshop : strengthening Participatory Approaches to Municipality governance in Tunisia (14-15-16 Oct 2016), Tunisia
2/ Local capacity Development Workshop: Promotion of a code of conduct on Policy Dialogue (17-18-19 Oct 2016) Palestine
3/ Regional Workshop: Local Governance, communication and Participatory Tools for Policy Development (19-20-21 Oct 2016) Tunis
4/ Local Capacity Development Workshop: Policy Dialogue, Communication and advocacy planning (21-22 oct 2016) Egypt
5/ Local Capacity Development Workshop: Strengthening Participatory Approaches to Local Governance in Tunisia (21-22-23 Oct 2016) Tunis
6/ Local Capacity Development Workshop: promoting Policy Change: Advocacy tools and guidelines, volunteering and networking Egypt
7/ Local Capacity Development Workshop: youth Leadership & Entrepreneurship development (youth-LED) Algeria Project (28-29-30 Oct 2016) Algeria.

The effective engagement of the national partners requires a balance between providing guidance and support on the one hand and encouraging youth-led project development and implementation that creates opportunities at home, on the other.

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