Civil Society Forum - Neighbourhood South (2017)

Thursday 13 apr 2017

In continuation of the EU effort to deepen its engagement with civil society, the 2017 edition of the Civil Society Forum - Neighbourhood South will take place first through preparatory seminars for regional CSOs in April, and then, a multi-stakeholders Forum will be organised in Brussels in July.

The 2017 Forum has been organised by European Institutions, the South advisory group of Southern CSOs (designated during 2016 Forum) and a team of civil society experts.
Under the umbrella theme of "Youth and Resilience", the 2017 forum provides a platform to raise pressing issues faced in the Euro-Mediterranean area, with the objective to enhance a constructive dialogue.

Four seminars will be held in Tunis in parallel end of April 2017 to gather Civil Society inputs on:

  • Migration    
  • Security and Resilience
  • Human Rights and Governance
  • Reducing inequalities (focus on Employability and Social Business)

Those themes have been identified by Civil Society and are priorities of the European Neighbourhood Policy.
The preparatory thematic seminars in Tunis will involve CSOs from the Mediterranean region (10 countries of the Neighbourhood South: From Morocco to Syria).

The seminar will provide inputs for the multi-stakeholders' Forum in Brussels (with civil society organisations from the Euro-Mediterranean region, EU institutions and EU political leaders, local authorities, media, academics, regional entities such as the Union for the Mediterranean, League of Arab States, Anna Lindh Foundation, etc.), in a joint effort to overcome current challenges in the region and developing inclusive responses to them.

This is a restricted event where the organisation team made a selection of 15 CSO participants per theme from the 10 countries of the region.
Consultations towards the participants'networks is considered as a key element of the dialogue process.

For your information, the report of the 2016’s edition is available on

Download agenda here