New Call for Applications: Dialogue Fellows 2018

Monday 22 jan 2018

Youth leadership occurs when young people, by giving of themselves - their energy, gifts, and beliefs - inspire and propel others to action for the common good.  The CSF South (EU funded) with this Call for Applications intends to mobilise youth leaderships from the Southern Neighbourhood to work with them and their network of CSOs towards a vision of social justice, create a safe platform for them to share their experiences in building resilience to violent extremism in their communities.
While this Fellowship programme builds on the expertise and experience made during the first two batches of fellowship programmes of 2016 and 2017, the 2018 programme and subject of this Call will be working with Fellows 2018 on the Youth Action Agenda, a direction of priorities and actions to be led by the youth and their network of youth and CSOs in the region. Such an Agenda shall introduce doable solutions and articulate youth views and recommendations to national and regional concerns within the ENPI, e.g. related to resilience, migration, employability and violent extremism.
Due to the evolving development in the region, the 2018 programme will give some focus on the role of youth and CSOs to countering and building resilience to violent extremism in their communities and how those local best practices can form a common agenda at the regional level too. Moreover, the Fellows will be further introduced to essential skills and knowledge building on these clusters: activism and governance, entrepreneurship and innovation, youth countering and building resilience to violent extremism.
Policy related research and projects results/youth agenda will be presented by the Fellows during the closure event of the dialogue Fellowship programme. Such a gathering will bring together Fellows from the previous batches too, for networking, best practices and results sharing.

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