Training of Trainers "TOT"

The Civil Society Facility South launched in November 2016, its Policy Online Training Lab for Trainers of Trainers, TOTs for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from the Southern Mediterranean Region. The three stages Online Lab project is designed to enhance the institutional and policy dialogue capacities of partner CSOs in 10 countries of the Southern Mediterranean. This is in view of establishing and promoting first regional network of TOTs who are trained to further support CSOs within their countries to advance the national and regional policy dialogue agenda.
From its regional office in Tunis, the CSF South intends also to support CSOs through “online Training coaching and a web platform”. This new initiative is particularly focusing on CSOs’ institutional and policy capacity development that is oriented towards political processes and participation, democratic education, civic engagement and government responsiveness. Through the involvement of TOTs from CSOs across the ENPI countries. The Online TOTs Training Lab is meant to provide tools to gain expertise on policy making processes and team building: Capacity development activities (online training/orientation and practical exercises) to strengthen CSOs TOTs both from outside and within their community.
Training of TOTs in order to identify and train other CSOs leaders within and outside TOTs organizations in relevant networks. Acquaintance with communication skills to use communication channels and tools, at regional and international levels and building relationships with other CSOs, governments, local authorities, EU institutions, etc.
Networking | Creating a network of TOTs on policy skills from within CSOs in the South, who can engage and advocate on public policy towards: youth leadership fora, think tanks, and the media & integrate new and existing networks at the national, sub- regional and regional levels.

Dialogue Platform: provide an online platform for TOTs where they can express their ideas, opinions, and exchange on good practice, propose solutions and perspectives.
This TOTs Online Training Lab is composed of these two courses:
Course 1: Organizational Development for CSOs (16 November 2016-13 January 2017)
The online course will be focusing on further enhancing the organizational and institutional skills of CSOs through meticulous selection of TOTs from CSOs in the South. To build their capacities and skills on:
  • Strategic planning and management 

  • Change management,
  • Internal governance and resources mobilisation.

Course 2: Skills for Policy Dialogue for CSOs (17 January- 30 March 2017)

This course will provide the same regional batch of TOTs and as step two of the online training project, with knowledge on 
methods and skills to facilitate CSOs participation in policy dialogue and monitoring of policy implementation. Purpose: is to contribute to strengthening the capacities of partner CSOs in the South to:
  • Engage in a structured policy dialogue with their local authorities
  • Gain skills related to sectorial policy development, implementation and monitoring
  • Gain skills on public policy, communication and advocacy 
Similar to first course on Organizational Development, it will be based on made experience and expertise so far gained through the CSF South activities in the region.