Resilience and Security

Main recommendations of the civil society seminars (25-27 April 2017, Tunis)

1. Countering Violent Extremism: Root causes.
2. Countering Violent Extremism: Developing resilience.
3. The security sector.
4. The context: the space for CSOs to operate.

Call to the EU to reinforce its commitment to human rights in policies related to CVE/PVE.

1) Support the development of a better national methodological research framework to better understand root causes for PVE.
2) In order to strengthen resilience, create a platform for the positive narratives and success stories, learn from difficult cases, increase connectivity between CSOs, understand better the impact of initiatives, and develop dialogue between EU and the Southern Neighbourhood, especially among youth.
3) There is a need for improved networks of action between CS and the State regarding PVE policies and increased partnership on national plans of action. CS and the State need to work in closer partnership. The EU can assist to remove blockages for CS operations and build capacities further in pursuing PVE/CVE, and SSR.
4) EU to expand its commitments to the various streams of action regarding PVE/CVE, including reform of education; address inequalities, among others, and to strengthen State and civil society capacities in that regard.
5) Call on EU to cease arms supply to regimes and governments engaged in mass human rights abuses, reinforce EU code of conduct on arms export, in order to create a much better context to pursue CVE and PVE.