Main recommendations of the civil society seminars (25-27 April 2017, Tunis)

Session 1: Facility of mobility and circulation

Recommendation: Adopt mobility policy based on human rights, and in compliance with international conventions.

Tool: Establish a mixed mechanism involving EU institutions/CSOs to ensure the implementation of the follow up regarding international conventions, and the mobility of workers.

N.B. : SAG can be enlarged and constitute the basis of the mechanism.

Session 2: Political and institutional responses to the crisis.

Recommendation: Develop a joint evaluation (CSOs/EU institutions) of the various mechanisms and programmes adopted at the EU/African Union, EU/Turkey summits in migration governance in the Mediterranean region via the creation of an observatory.

Tool: A partnership between CSOs and EU institutions in developing this study, and a report that will be discussed during the next summits, in order to have an inclusive visibility.

Session 3: The legal and humanitarian dimension

Recommandation: Mobilize all necessary means in order to build the institutional capacities of CSOs, and allow them to implement programmes aiming at a better protection of immigrants and refugees, and a more efficient coordination of support and assistance programmes.

Tool: Set up an appropriate financial and technical mechanism, specific to civil society, beyond regular international mechanisms.

Session 4: Preventing and fighting all forms of abuses and violence against migrants.

Recommandation: Encourage alliances, partnerships and networking between the different CSOs of countries of origin, transit and reception, in order to build their capacities, and allow them to fulfill their missions regarding the protection of migrants against risks (violence of their rights, marginalization and discrimination), and sensitize local communities to initiate a stronger sense of solidarity with the migrants and the refugees.

Tool: Develop a governance strategy based on rights and adopt an integrated programme to support and assist migrants and refugees as well as create coalitions based on task forces “experts from north and south” in the light of all of the studies conducted.