Reducing Inequalities | Employability and Social Economy

Main recommendations of the civil society seminars (25-27 April 2017, Tunis)

Session 1: Youth challenges and employability: youth access to decent life and work.

Recommendation: Promote and enhance technical vocational and educational training TVET.

Session 2: Liaising business to social work: partnership agreements and identifying key issues on regional economic approach.

1. Collaboration between civil society and private sector to lobby for reformulation of policies and legislations at the government level.
2. Encourage the private sector to be more committed to help civil society through a defined fund.

Session 3: Increasing productivity to enhance employability discussions on strategies for inclusive and sustainable growth.

Enhance Civil Society Organizations roles to work on advocacy and be part of policy and decision makers.

Session 4: Economic development and job creation: liaising civil society to private sector: special focus on innovation, SMEs competitiveness and trade development.

Recommendation: Increase creations of global communities for technology entrepreneurs and startups – known as Tech Hub (including technical assistance and access to finance).