Training of Trainers "TOT" 2017

After the success registered during its first edition, the Civil Society Facility South (CSFSouth) is implementing its second Online Lab project designed to strengthening the CSOs dialogue capacities in 10 countries. The new online TOT is so far building on the experience gathered during the previous programme 2016 / 2017, capitalizing on the lessons learnt, and focusing on new topics.

The main objective of this second edition is to support regional networks of TOTs that could develop trainings for CSOs in their countries and provide them with relevant tools to advance on national and regional policy dialogue agendas. Through tailored approaches and activities, the CSFS aims to reinforce their capacities for a structured participation in decision-making processes. The online training will be providing civil society activists with appropriate tools, to analyze policy documents, develop policy papers, launch advocacy campaigns for an effective policy change. This activity will be complementary to other support of the EU in the region for civil society: other TOT programme through regional grants, bilateral support by EU Delegations or regional young leadership’s programme (Dialogue Fellows, Young Mediterranean Voices, and Net Med Youth).
The CSFS Online Training Lab will provide:
  • Tools of policy dialogue (e.g.: policy paper, advocacy) to gain expertise on policymaking processes and participative team building projects.
  • Capacity development activities (online training and coaching/orientation and practical exercises) to strengthen CSOs TOTs both from outside and within their community.
  • Training of TOTs in order to identify and train other CSOs leaders within and outside TOTs organizations in relevant networks.
  • Acquaintance with communication skills to use communication channels and tools, at national and international levels and building relationships with other CSOs, governments, local authorities, EU institutions, etc.
  • Networking: creating a network of TOTs on policy skills from within CSOs in the South, who can engage and advocate on public policy towards: youth leadership fora, think tanks, and the media & integrate new and existing networks at the national, sub regional and regional levels.
  • Dialogue Platform: provide an online platform for TOTs where they can express their ideas, opinions, advocate using policy paper and exchange on good practice, propose solutions and perspectives.
The objective of this assignment is to strengthen the organizational capacities and skills of TOT’s on how:
  • To build on the analysis of real cases (policy research/advocacy in challenging environments);
  • To introduce types of policy papers, research focused policy and advocacy-driven policy brief;
  • To encourage extensive peer interaction and feed into policy research, analysis and writing advocacy projects using policy paper among CSOs.
  • To build policy literacy and helps CSOs to better 'talk policy';
  • To inform CSOs of realistic views of what it takes to build policy writing skills;
  • Internal governance and financial and resources mobilization.
These capacities and tools are key pillars of TOT’s work in the framework of CSF South to develop training on sectoral policy work at both the national and regional levels. These resources will ensure a standard level for CSF South TOT’s to work together in policy change and development especially in the context of coalitions and networks.

To provide sustainable and impactful support to partner CSOs through tailored online training, the CSF South will maintain an evidence based approach in all its activities, building on achievements and local feedback to further advance its planning and skills development with CSOs, grantees, EUDs and youth leaderships.