Capacity Building

The capacity building component is designed to enhance competencies among civic actors not only in terms of organizational development but also equip them with the policy themes and policy tools. The target groups are thereby national, regional networks and coalitions of CSOs working in thematic areas of policy dialogue and contributing to the mainstreaming of civil society involvement across the different policy sectors. Delivery Mechanisms extends beyond training courses or the convening of workshops and seminars. It includes a broader range of activities undertaken to enhance individual and institutional capacities, foster inter-institutional cooperation and build new partnerships and relationships between regional, sub-regional and national CSOs. Tools of social accountability among others is one of the applied tools for policy dialogue adopted by CSF South and based on structured needs assessments and reflect the distinct conditions existing in different countries and regions.
Through civil society mappings, CSF South is identifying issues and actors in the priority sectors: education, environment, health, and local development. The results feed into the capacity building programme that is, therefore, sequenced after the completion of the mapping studies and the related needs assessments that are currently being carried out. Concerning policy themes, exchange of best practice and training selections are made with an initial focus on the identified priority sectors that are regionally relevant and shared, namely education, environment, health, and local development / local governance.
Policy Tools
Regarding policy tools, the focus will be on strategic planning, policy-making cycle, budget work / analysis, negotiation skills, as well as communications and networking.
Those dimensions will enable the CSO networks and coalitions to better address policy issues that are relevant to stakeholders consultations between civil society, governments, and donors, among them the EU. Rather than taking the perspective of project approaches (Proposal preparation, Grant Management, Reporting/Evaluation), this capacity building looks at a policy-making oriented civil society.
Capacity Building & Policy Dialogue
The capacity building program will be both long-term and regional in outlook. Participating CSOs are required to commit to the whole sequence of around six to eight comprehensive exchange and training seminars. Specialized and academically experienced experts will facilitate these.
Policy Dialogue is dedicated to experiences and knowledge sharing between the ENPI countries that gives also the opportunity to the southern countries to capitalize on the successes and lessons made, share best practices and identify new partners for further capacity building and integrated policy-making efforts. Such activities supports greater South-South cooperation.
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