Dialogue Fellows


In the challenging political context of the Southern Mediterranean region, the Policy Dialogue Fellows Project supports the development of young leaders and motivators. The project develops their confidence to facilitate participatory and empowering change in their communities – change that is specific to the individual priorities of each context – helping young leaders to become more self-reliant. The Dialogue Fellows shall be instrumental in dialoguing with the EU on the neighborhood policies. Moreover, they will also be able to advocate their local governments and international institutions for supporting democratic processes and endorsing the role of CSOs. The CSF South will be responsible to organize and implement the relevant activities based on CSF South’s programmatic plans for each of its five components.

The coordination on the ground is done jointly with the participating Fellow’s partner CSO. Though the CSFS does not provide financial assistant, still the Fellows, will be able to benefit from the programme through and not limited to:
  • Tailored capacity development (face to face and virtually);
  • Skills gained can be used for fundraising to further support the fellows;
  • They are empowered and self-esteemed to engage effectively as young policy leaders;
  • They become recognized players to engage with own governments and the EU on neighborhood policies.
The Approach

The CSFS approach is to confirm the importance to working with CSOs and their associated young people, to facilitate the formation of “Dialogue Fellows” who will go through tailored capacity development towards a step by step structured policy dialogue, shaping and initiating a participatory process, and yet recognizing the TA, time and resources limitations. We do therefore, commit to building capacities, solidarity and networks between those youth fellows, their civil movements and partner CSOs in the region. The idea is to utilize the dialogue fellows as national TOTs (create local capacities) to, spread and reach-out in timely manner to the largest number of audiences and beneficiaries- cost effectively and with long lasting impact.